We Appreciate Our Pastor

pastor appreciation - chimes

On the first Sunday of October, we gave our pastor and his family a pounding (for the uninitiated this simply means a freewill offering of food and household items from families and individuals in the church.

On the third Sunday of the month we presented the pastor and his family with a beautiful clock with chimes that play nice music and have an engraved plate saying that this was a gift from Weisbach Community Church. And on the fifth Sunday (today) Bro. Zeigler received a handgun, together with some ammunition, money for a holster, and an undisclosed amount of cash. Sister Zeigler received some kind of scent-making thing that spins around and lights up and a beautiful set of chimes. The kids all received gifts of cash.

We truly do appreciate our parsonage family and pray God will continue to bless and use them in the church and community.

Pictured above are the Pastoral Appreciation Committee with the Zeigler family (Janae is hiding somewhere behind her mother).


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