Sermons 2007

Message 12/30/07 PM John Zeigler

Beyond the Area of Debate

Message 12/30/07 AM John Zeigler

Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord

Christmas Service 12/23/07 PM

Special Christmas Service

Message 12/23/07 AM John Zeigler

What Does Christmas Mean to God?

Message 12/16/07 PM John Zeigler

Losing Jesus

Message 12/16/07 AM John Zeigler

Luke 4: The Mission of Jesus

Message 12/9/07 AM John Zeigler

He Shall Save His People from Their Sins

Message 12/2/07 AM John Zeigler

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Message 11/25/07 PM John Zeigler

Dedication of Mason Kerr

Message 11/25/07 AM John Zeigler

The Myth of the Tolerant God

Message 11/18/07 PM John Zeigler

Keep on Doing Good

Message 11/18/07 AM John Zeigler

Keep on Marching

Message 11/11/07 PM John Zeigler

Balaam (Part 2)

Message 11/11/07 AM John Zeigler

Our Veterans

Message 11/4/07 AM John Zeigler


Message 11/4/07 AM Marcus Martin

Gideons International

Message 10/28/07 PM John Zeigler

The Laws of Prayer

Message 10/28/07 AM John Zeigler

Making a Full Surrender

Message 10/21/07 PM John Zeigler

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Message 10/21/07 AM John Zeigler

You Can Be Sanctified (Part 2)

Message 10/14/07 PM

Open House at the Parsonage

Message 10/14/07 AM John Zeigler

You Can Be Sanctified

Message 10/7/07 PM John Zeigler


Message 10/7/07 AM John Zeigler

Be Filled with the Spirit

Message 9/30/07 PM John Zeigler

A Call to Godliness

Message 9/23/07 PM John Zeigler

Be Careful Who You Follow

Message 9/23/07 AM John Zeigler

I Want to Be Like Jonah

Wedding 9/2107

Wedding of Weston Knisley and Krystle Tichenor

Revival 9/16/07 PM Dan Durkee

Pledging Allegiance to the Cause of Christ

Revival 9/16/07 AM Dan Durkee


Revival 9/15/07 Dan Durkee

Remembering God – Don’t Forget Him

Revival 9/14/07 Dan Durkee

Spiritual Pointers from a Bow Hunter

Revival 9/12/07 Dan Durkee

Failure Doesn’t Need to Be the Final Chapter

Revival 9/11/07 Dan Durkee

Examine Yourselves

Message 9//9/07 PM John Zeigler

Six Essentials to a Real Revival

Message 9/9/07 AM John Zeigler

Psalm 1:3-6

Message 9/2/07 PM John Zeigler

Goals for Revival

Message 9/2/07 AM John Zeigler

Psalm 1:2

Message 8/26/07 PM John Zeigler

Hearing from God

Message 8/26/07 AM John Zeigler

Psalm 1:1

Message 8/19/07 PM Joshua White

Let No Man Despise Thy Youth

Message 8/19/07 PM Mylon Albright

A Personal Relationship with Christ

Message 8/19/07 AM John Zeigler

The Wonders of the Lamb

Message 8/5/07 AM John Zeigler

The Worth of the Lamb

Message 7/29/07 PM John Zeigler

The Approachableness of God

Message 7/29/07 AM John Zeigler

The Work of the Lamb of God

Message 7/22/07 PM John Zeigler

In the Beginning, God

Message 7/22/07 AM John Zeigler

We Must Have His Presence

Message 7/15/07 AM John Zeigler

Passing the Baton of Leadership

Message 7/8/07 PM Bob Leach

Where Are We Going?

Message 7/1/07 PM Dan Plemmons

Seeing the Harvest Through the Eyes of God

Message 7/1/07 AM Dan Plemmons

Hope, Help and Healing

Message 6/24/07 PM Edward Cook

Christian Suffering

Message 6/24/07 AM Edward Cook

Praying Until We Are Answered (Luke 11:1-13)

Message 6/17/07 AM Earl Tedrow

The Three C’s of Fatherhood

Message 6/10/07 PM Steve Hight

Be Perfect Like God (Matt. 5:43-48)

Message 6/10/07 AM Steve Hight

Where Is the Lord God of Elijah? (2 Kings 2:8-14)

Message 6/3/07 PM Joshua White

Seeking God (2 Chron. 7:12-16)

Message 5/27/07 PM Bro. Gibson

Psalm 107

Message 5/27/07 AM Bro. Gibson

The Swimming Axe Head (2 Kings 6:1-7)

Message 5/20/07 PM Bro. Gibson

There Is a River (Psalm 46:4)

Message 5/20/07 AM Bro. Gibson

The Unjust Judge (Luke 18:1-8)

Revival 5/13/07 PM Ben Watts

A Type of Holiness

Revival 5/13/07 AM Ben Watts

The Price of a Virtuous Woman

Revival 5/12/07 Ben Watts

God Is Our Refuge

Revival 5/11/07 Ben Watts

Counting the Cost

Revival 5/10/07 Ben Watts

The State of Depravity

Revival 5/9/07 Ben Watts

The Subtlety of Satan
Revival 5/8/07 Ben Watts

Limiting the Holy Ghost
Revival 5/7/07 Ben Watts


Revival 5/6/07 PM Ben Watts

A Spirit-Filled Life

Revival 5/6/07 AM Ben Watts

Living in an Emergency Hour

Revival 5/5/07 Ben Watts

The Race

Revival 5/4/07 Ben Watts

Isaiah 1:16-20