Sermons 2012

Message 12/30/12 PM Luke Tedrow

Using Our Talents

Message 12/30/12 PM Loren Albright

New Year Plans

Message 12/30/12 AM John Zeigler

How Important Is the Home?

Baby Dedication 12/30/12 AM

Dedication of Raelyn

Message 12/23/12 AM John Zeigler

Christ is Born, Glorify Him

Message 12/16/12 PM Steve Gibson

Missionary Service

Message 12/16/12 AM John Zeigler

We Need a Savior

Message 12/9/12 PM John Zeigler

Righteous Joseph

Message 12/9/12 AM John Zeigler

The Dimensions of Christ’s Love

Message 12/2/12 PM John Zeigler

Poor Joseph

Message 12/2/12 AM John Zeigler

Looking to Yourselves

Message 11/25/12 PM Brian Black


Message 11/25/12 AM John Zeigler

Winning the Battle

Message 11/18/12 PM John Zeigler

The Armor (Part 4)

Message 11/18/12 AM John Zeigler


Missionary Service 11/11/12 PM

The Michael Mason Family – Mexico

Message 11/11/12 AM John Zeigler

God, Our Hope

Message 11/04/12 PM John Zeigler

The Armor (Part 3)

Message 11/04/12 AM John Zeigler

Submission to the Divine Will

Message 10/28/12 PM John Zeigler

The Armor (Part 2)

Message 10/21/12 PM John Zeigler

The Armor (Part 1)

Message 10/21/12 AM John Zeigler

Our Pursuit of God

Message 10/14/12 PM John Zeigler

The Principles of Holy Warfare

Message 10/7/12 PM John Zeigler


Message 10/7/12 AM John Zeigler

The Law Meets Grace

Message 9/30/12 PM John Zeigler

The Call of Holiness

Message 9/30/12 AM John Zeigler


Message 9/23/12 PM John Zeigler

How Much More

Message 9/23/12 AM John Zeigler

Christ Our Lord

Message 9/16/12 PM Zack Robberts

Joy in Temptation

Message 9/16/12 AM Zack Robberts

The Little Foxes

Message 9/9/12 PM David Spivey

Requirements for Heaven

Message 9/9/12 AM David Spivey

When God Says to Stack Stones

Message 9/8/12 PM David Spivey

When Sin Comes on Strong

Message 9/7/12 PM David Spivey

When God Asked a Question

Message 9/6/12 PM David Spivey

On the Brink of Something Better

Message 9/5/12 PM David Spivey

The God of the Second Time

Message 9/4/12 PM David Spivey

Your Life – A Vapor

Message 9/2/12 PM John Zeigler

Revival Brought by Prayer

Message 9/2/12 AM John Zeigler

Will Ye Also Go Away?

Message 8/26/12 PM John Zeigler

Revival Preparation

Message 8/26/12 AM John Zeigler


Message 8/12/12 PM John Zeigler

Haiti Trip Report

Message 8/19/12 AM John Zeigler

God’s Fire

Message 8/12/12 PM Maria Hunsaker

Missionary Service

Message 8/12/12 AM Dr. Donald Smith

Kiss the Son

Message 8/5/12 PM John Zeigler

If Sons, Then…

Message 8/5/12 AM John Zeigler

Break the Grasp of Hell

Message 7/29/12 AM John Zeigler

God’s Vineyard

Message 7/22/12 PM John Zeigler

Which Chair Are You In? (Part 2)

Message 7/22/12 AM John Zeigler

Need I Bear Reproach

Message 7/15/12 PM John Zeigler

Which Chair Are You In? (Part 1)

Message 7/15/12 AM John Zeigler

To Him That Overcometh

Message 7/8/12 PM John Zeigler

True Spiritual Success

Message 7/8/12 AM Sally Sebo

Sally Sebo Missionary to Romania

Message 7/1/12 AM John Zeigler

Where Is Your Heart?

Message 6/24/12 PM Steve Stetler

Missionary Service – Steve Stetler

Message 6/24/12 AM Edward Cook

Acute Desire for God

Message 6/17/12 PM John Zeigler

Our Spiritual Choice

Message 6/17/12 AM John Zeigler

A Few Good Men

Message 6/10/12 PM Paul Keys

The Beatitudes

Message 6/3/12 PM John Zeigler

Consider Christ

Message 6/3/12 AM John Zeigler

Children in the Eyes of Christ

Dedication 6/3/12 AM John Zeigler

Dedication of Kadence

Message 5/27/12 PM John Zeigler

Precursor to Blessing

Message 5/27/12 AM John Zeigler

Memorial Day: Freedom and Faith

Message 5/20/12 PM John Zeigler

Not for Sale

Message 5/20/12 AM John Zeigler

The Christian’s Hope

Message 5/13/12 PM Stevan Manley

There’s No Place Like Home for Christian Service

Message 5/13/12 AM Stevan Manley

Mother’s Reward

Message 5/6/12 PM John Zeigler

Security: Who Has It? (Part 2)

Message 5/6/12 AM John Zeigler

Security: Who Has It? (Part 1)

Message 4/29/12 PM Steve Gibson

Spiritual Priorities

Message 4/29/12 AM Steve Gibson

Preparing for Judgment

Message 4/28/12 PM Steve Gibson

Inviting Them In

Message 4/27/12 PM Steve Gibson

Heritage of Pentecost

Message 4/15/12 PM John Zeigler

Daniel’s Courage and Faithfulness

Message 4/15/12 AM John Zeigler

The Judgment of the Will

Message 4/8/12 PM John Zeigler

Passover Lamb

Message 4/8/12 AM John Zeigler

Resurrection Day

Message 4/1/12 PM John Zeigler

Keeping Our Focus in Worship

Message 4/1/12 AM John Zeigler

The Son

Message 3/25/12 PM John Zeigler

Entire Sanctification

Message 3/25/12 AM John Zeigler

God’s Deliverance

Message 3/18/12 PM John Zeigler


Message 3/18/12 AM John Zeigler

Resist the Devil

Message 3/11/12 AM John Zeigler

All Have Sinned

Message 3/4/12 PM John Zeigler

The Strategies of Satan (Part 2)

Message 3/4/12 AM John Zeigler

Christians in the Right Places

Message 2/26/12 PM John Zeigler

The Strategies of Satan (Part 1)

Message 2/26/12 AM John Zeigler

Christians in the Wrong Places

Message 2/19/12 PM John Zeigler

Christians at War: Know Your Enemy

Message 2/19/12 AM John Zeigler

Ruin and Its Remedy

Message 2/12/12 PM John Zeigler

Good Soldier (Part 2)

Message 2/12/12 AM John Zeigler

Love-Motivated Grace

Message 2/5/12 PM John Zeigler

Good Soldier (Part 1)

Message 2/5/12 AM John Zeigler

The Cultivation of Your Heart

Hymn Story 1/29/12 PM John Zeigler

Fanny Crosby’s Hymns

Message 1/29/12 AM John Zeigler

Grace: What Is It?

Message 1/22/12 PM John Zeigler

The Sanctity of Life (2)

Message 1/22/12 John Zeigler

The Sanctity of Life. (“The Church Across the Street” sung by Megan Montgomery)

Message 1/15/12 PM

Missionary Service – The Shockleys

Message 1/15/12 AM John Zeigler


Message 1/8/12 PM John Zeigler

Baby Dedication: Kiera

Message 1/8/12 AM John Zeigler

God’s Family

Message 1/1/12 PM John Zeigler

Piercing the Darkness

Message 1/1/12 AM John Zeigler

New Life for Old