Sermons 2010

Message 12/26/10 PM John Zeigler

Playing Marbles with Diamonds

Message 12/26/10 AM John Zeigler

Tell the Story

Message 12/19/10 AM John Zeigler

The Master Is Here and Calleth for Thee

Message 12/12/10 PM John Zeigler

Don’t Draw Back

Message 12/12/10 AM John Zeigler

Four Things Jesus Is

Message 12/5/10 AM John Zeigler

True Love

Message 11/28/10 PM John Zeigler

Sin Miscronstrued

Message 11/28/10 AM John Zeigler

God Helped Him

Message 11/21/10 PM John Zeigler

Thankful for Suffering

Message 11/21/10 AM John Zeigler

What Are You Thankful For?

Message 11/14/10 PM J. Stevan Manley

What Is God Like?

Message 11/14/10 AM J. Stevan Manley

A Heart for God

Message 11/7/10 PM John Zeigler

Mending Our Nets

Message 10/31/10 PM John Zeigler

A New Commandment

Message 10/31/10 AM John Zeigler

Who Shall Separate Us?

Message 10/24/10 PM John Zeigler

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Message 10/24/10 AM John Zeigler

Being Used of God

Message 10/17/10 PM John Zeigler

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Message 10/17/10 AM John Zeigler

Are You Hungry to See Souls Saved?

Message 10/10/10 PM John Zeigler

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Message 10/10/10 AM John Zeigler


Message 10/3/10 PM John Zeigler

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Message 9/26/10 PM John Zeigler

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Message 9/26/10 AM John Zeigler

The Kiss of True Worship

Funeral Service 9/22/10

Funeral of Lavena E. Gibson

Message 9/19/10 PM John Manley

Noah, Lot, and Lot’s Wife

Message 9/19/10 AM John Manley

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Message 9/18/10 PM John Manley

You Can Make It

Message 9/17/10 PM John Manley

The Chain

Message 9/16/10 PM John Manley

Spiritual Leadership – John Manley

Message 9/15/10 PM John Manley

Reconnecting with God – John Manley

Message 9/12/10 PM John Zeigler

The Plumb Line

Message 9/12/10 AM John Zeigler

Hindrances and Helps to Revival

Message 9/5/10 PM John Zeigler

Honor Thy Father and Mother

Message 9/5/10 AM John Zeigler

Are You Discouraged?

Message 8/29/10 PM John Zeigler

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy – Part 2

Message 8/29/10 AM John Zeigler

Come Holy Spirit, We Need You

Message 8/22/10 PM John Zeigler

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy – John Zeigler

Message 8/22/10 AM John Zeigler

Quench Not the Sirit – John Zeigler

Missionary Service 8/15/10 PM

Missionary Service: The Lee Rickenbachs

Message 8/15/10 AM John Zeigler

The Joy of a Clean Heart – John Zeigler

Message 8/8/10 PM John Zeigler

Taking God’s Name in Vain – John Zeigler

Message 8/8/10 AM John Zeigler

What Seek Ye? – John Zeigler

Message 8/1/10 PM John Zeigler

No Graven Images – John Zeigler

Message 8/1/10 AM John Zeigler

Falling Away – John Zeigler

Mission Trip Report 7/25/10 PM

Antigua Report – Zeigler Family

Message 7/25/10 AM John Zeigler

Acknowledging God – John Zeigler

Message 7/18/10 PM Gerald Montgomery

For Such a Time as This – Gerald Montgomery

Message 7/18/10 AM Gerald Montgomery

Rebuilding the Foundations – Gerald Montgomery

Message 7/11/10 PM Anthony Harris

Our Inheritance

Message 7/11/10 AM Anthony Harris

We Can Win the Race – Anthony Harris

Message 7/4/10 PM John Zeigler

The First Commandment

Message 7/4/10 AM John Zeigler


Message 6/27/10 PM Gerald Montgomery

The Hiding Place

Message 6/27/10 AM Gerald Montgomery

The Great Commandment

Message 6/20/10 PM John Zeigler

Living on the Border (Part 2)

Message 6/20/10 AM John Zeigler

Three D’s of Fatherhood

Message 6/13/10 PM Lee Rickenbach

Being Like Jesus

Message 6/13/10 AM John Zeigler

Living on the Border

Message 6/6/10 PM John Zeigler

The Christian and the Old Testament (Part 2)

Message 6/6/10 AM John Zeigler

Joseph: God Was With Him

Message 5/30/10 PM Johnn Zeigler

The Christian and the Old Testament (Part 1)

Message 5/30/10 AM John Zeigler

Spiritual Strength Devoured

Message 5/23/10 PM John Zeigler


Message 5/23/10 AM John Zeigler

God’s Peculiar People

Message 5/16/10 PM John Zeigler

Who Are We?

Message 5/16/10 John Zeigler

A Life that Pleases God

Message 5/9/10 PM Mark Cravens

Running to Win

Message 5/9/10 AM Mark Cravens

Hannah’s Incredible Faith

Message 5/2/10 PM John Zeigler

The Holiness of God

Message 5/2/10 AM John Zeigler

Christ’s Principles of Victory

Message 4/25/10 PM John Zeigler

Biblical Survey

Message 4/25/10 AM John Zeigler


Message 4/18/10 PM John Zeigler

The Mind of Christ

Message 4/18/10 AM John Zeigler

Spiritual Evidences of Salvation

Message 4/11/10 PM Jon Zeigler

What Is Faith?

Message 4/11/10 AM John Zeigler

Dust in our Worship

Funeral Service 4/5/10

Funeral Service for Jane Montgomery

Message 4/4/10 AM John Zeigler

If Christ Be Not Risen

Message 3/28/10 AM John Zeigler

The Great Fall and Great Recovery

Message 3/21/10 PM Tim Wiford

A Lively Hope

Message 3/21/10 AM Tim Wiford

Better Sacrifice

Message 3/20/10 Tim Wiford

The Power of the Tongue

Message 3/19/10 (2) Tim Wiford

Keeping the Covenant (Part 2)

Message 3/19/10 Tim Wiford

Keeping the Covenant (Part 1)

Message 3/18/10

Stagger Not

Message 3/17/10 Tim Wiford

Lovest Thou Me

Message 3/16/10 Tim Wiford

Unending Forgiveness

Message 3/15/10 Tim Wiford

Rend the Heavens

Message 3/14/10 PM John Zeigler

Revival Scripture

Message 3/14/10 AM John Zeigler


Message 3/7/10 PM John Zeigler


Message 3/7/10 AM John Zeigler

Doing The Will of the Father

Message 2/28/10 PM John Zeigler

Effectual Fervent Prayer

Message 2/28/10 AM John Zeigler

Trust Test (Part 2)

Message 2/21/10 PM John Zeigler

Revival: 5 Areas of Need

Message 2/21/10 AM John Zeigler

Trust Test (Part 1)

Message 2/7/10 PM John Zeigler

Principles of Victory

Message 2/7/10 AM John Zeigler

Stewardship: It’s a Matter of Trust (Part 1)

Message 1/31/10 PM John Zeigler

The Cost of Compromise

Message 1/31/10 AM John Zeigler

The Majesty of God

Message 1/24/10 PM John Zeigler

Lessons from Our Losses

Message 1/24/10 AM John Zeigler

What Is God Like?

Message 1/17/10 PM

God, My Heart, and Media

Message 1/17/10 AM John Zeigler

Walking in the Spirit

Message 1/10/10 PM Darrell Montgomery

God’s Gifts to Noah

Message 1/10/10 AM John Zeigler

You Must Be Born Again