Sermons 2011

Message 12/18/11 PM John Zeigler

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Message 12/18/11 AM John Zeigler

What Made the Wise Men Wise?

Message 12/11/11 PM Rod Vore

Rod Vore’s Testimony

Message 12/11/11 AM John Zeigler

The Reason for Christmas

Message 12/4/11 PM John Zeigler

What of Our Service?

Message 12/4/11 AM John Zeigler

The Master of the Storm

Message 11/27/11 PM John Zeigler

The Cause

Message 11/27/11 AM John Zeigler

What Is Important?

Message 11/20/11 PM Don Smith

Recipe for Spiritual Success

Message 11/20/11 AM Don Smith

Handfuls on Purpose

Message 11/13/11 PM John Zeigler

The Produce

Message 11/13/11 AM John Zeigler

The Moving of God

Message 11/6/11 PM John Zeigler

Assembling Together

Message 11/6/11 AM John Zeigler

Learn of Me

Message 10/30/11 PM John Zeigler

Consider How You Listen: Active & Passive

Message 10/30/11 AM John Zeigler

Take My Yoke

Message 10/23/11 PM Edward Cook


Message 10/23/11 AM Edward Cook

The Divine Dilemma

Message 10/16/11 PM John Zeigler

A Good God Knows Better Than Me

Message 10/16/11 AM John Zeigler

Come Unto Me

Message 10/9/11 PM Donald Smith

God Has a Salt Block Award in Heaven for You

Message 10/9/11 AM Donald Smith

Help for the Discouraged

Message 10/2/11 PM John Zeigler

Consider How You Listen

Message 10/2/11 AM John Zeigler

The Will

Message 9/25/11 PM John Zeigler

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pastor’s Preaching

Message 9/25/11 AM John Zeigler

Look for the Rainbow

Message 9/18/11 PM Andrew Stroud

Lord, Use Me!

Message 9/18/11 AM Andrew Stroud

Walking Away from Your Faith

Message 9/17/11 PM Andrew Stroud

Fighting Spiritual Battles

Message 9/16/11 PM Andrew Stroud

Great Poverty Among Many Possessions

Message 9/15/11 PM Andrew Stroud

A Prescription for Spiritual Victory

Message 9/14/11 PM Andrew Stroud

How to Live Holy in an Unholy World

Message 9/13/11 PM Andrew Stroud

Stolen Property

Message 9/11/11 PM John Zeigler

Pastoral Admonitions

Message 9/11/11 AM John Zeigler

Today’s Sleeping Giant

Message 9/4/11 PM John Zeigler

Bring Them to Jesus

Message 9/4/11 AM John Zeigler

Sins of Omission

Message 8/28/11 AM John Zeigler

The Scourge of the Tongue

Message 8/21/11 PM John Zeigler

Spiritual Hunger

Message 8/21/11 AM John Zeigler

The Double-Minded Man

Message 8/14/11 PM John Zeigler

Results of Supplementing Your Faith

Message 8/14/11 AM John Zeigler

Abraham’s Six Steps

Message 8/7/11 PM John Zeigler

Christian Baptism

Message 8/7/11 AM John Zeigler

New Life for a Dead Man

Message 7/31/11 AM John Zeigler

Where Are You?

Message 7/24/11 PM John Zeigler

Marks of the New Birth

Message 7/24/11 AM John Zeigler

5 Frightening Things

Message 7/17/11 PM Leonard Sankey

Characteristics of the Church of Jesus Christ Part 2

Message 7/17/11 AM Leonard Sankey

Characteristics of the Church of Jesus Christ Part 1

Message 7/10/11 PM John Zeigler

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Message 7/10/11 AM John Zeigler

Devent’s Dedication

Message 7/3/11 PM Steve Gibson

Holiness Pilgrim Missions

Message 7/3/11 AM John Zeigler

The Redemptive Provision of Jesus Christ

Message 6/26/11 PM Keith Gibson


Message 6/26/11 AM Keith Gibson

Four Anchors

Message 6/19/11 PM John Zeigler

Even Our Faith

Message 6/19/11 AM John Zeigler

Real Fathers

Message 6/12/11 PM Keith Gibson

The Blessed Individual

Message 6/12/11 AM John Zeigler

The Pursuit of God

Message 6/5/11 PM Orlow Webb

Interview with Jesus

Message 6/5/11 AM Orlow Webb

Taste and See

Message 5/29/11 PM John Zeigler

Grow in Grace

Message 5/29/11 AM John Zeigler

Memorial Day Past, Present and Future

Message 5/22/11 PM John Zeigler

The Destruction of the Foundation

Message 5/22/11 AM John Zeigler

A Prepared Place

Message 5/15/11 PM John Zeigler

Peter’s Repentance (Part 2)

Message 5/15/11 AM John Zeigler

What Are You Building?

Message 5/8/11 PM John Zeigler

Peter’s Repentance (Part 1)

Message 5/8/11 AM Leanne Zeigler

A Good Mother

Message 5/1/11 PM John Zeigler

Our Father

Missionary Service 5/1/11 AM

Missions Service – The Asburys

Message 4/24/11 PM John Zeigler


Message 4/24/11 AM John Zeigler

The Moving of the Stone

Message 4/17/11 PM John Zeigler


Message 4/17/11 AM John Zeigler

What Think Ye of Christ?

Revival 4/10/11 PM Henry Miller

Walking with God

Revival 4/10/11 AM Henry Miller

The Value of the Altar

Revival 4/9/11 PM Henry Miller

Being a Complete Christian

Revival 4/8/11 PM Henry Miller

Putting God First

Revival 4/7/11 PM Henry Miller

Touching the Hem of His Garment

Revival 4/6/11 PM Henry Miller


Revival 4/5/11 PM Henry Miller


Message 4/3/11 PM John Zeigler

Revival Praying

Message 4/3/11 AM John Zeigler

The Loss of the Ark

Message 3/27/11 AM John Zeigler

What Is a Christian?

Message 3/20/11 PM John Zeigler

Revival Prayer

Message 3/20/11 AM John Zeigler

An Exceeding Good Land

Message 3/13/11 PM John Zeigler

Close Enough to See His Eye

Message 3/13/11 AM John Zeigler

The Five “C’s” of Psalm 32

Message 3/6/11 PM John Zeigler

Stones or Diamonds?

Message 3/6/11 AM John Zeigler

The Simple Gospel

Message 2/27/11 PM John Zeigler

One Thing Thou Lackest

Message 2/27/11 AM John Zeigler

Gain, Loss and Exchange

Message 2/20/11 PM Darrell Montgomery

Don’t Forget God

Message 2/20/11 AM John Zeigler

The Heart of the Matter

Message 2/13/11 PM John Zeigler


Message 2/6/11 PM John Zeigler

The Indispensable

Message 1/30/11 PM John Zeigler

Be Thou An Example

Message 1/30/11 AM John Zeigler

The Need of Our Hour

Message 1/23/11 PM John Zeigler

Uriah, a Man of Principle

Message 1/16/11 PM John Zeigler

God’s Man Goes Awry

Message 1/16/11 AM John Zeigler

The Narrow-Minded Narrow Way

Message 1/9/11 PM John Zeigler

The Deceitfulness of Sin

Message 1/9/11 AM John Zeigler

When God Stopped Winking

Message 1/2/11 PM John Zeigler

Marks of a Genuine Christian

Message 1/2/11 AM John Zeigler

Claim the Mountain