Sermons 2008

Message 12/28/08 PM John Zeigler

Occupy Til I Come

Message 12/28/08 AM John Zeigler


Message 12/14/08 PM John Zeigler

Chrismas Carol Stories

Message 12/14/08 AM John Zeigler

Have You Seen Jesus Lately?

Message 12/7/08 AM

Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?

Message 11/30/08 PM Rev. J. Stevan Manley

Your Life Story

Message 11/30/08 AM Rev. J. Stevan Manley

Solace for Senior Citizens

Message 11/23/08 AM John Zeigler


Message 11/16/08 PM John Zeigler

But If Not Religion

Message 11/16/08 AM

Winning the Race

Message 11/9/08 PM John Zeigler

Christian Delinquency Part 2

Message 11/9/08 AM John Zeigler

Strangers Have Devoured Their Strength

Message 11/2/08 PM John Zeigler

Christian Delinquency

Message 11/2/08 Dr. Matlock

Gideon Report

Message 10/26/08 PM John Zeigler

6 Keys to a Strong Church

Message 10/26/08 AM John Zeigler


Message 10/19/08 AM John Zeigler


Message 10/12/08 PM John Zeigler

Are We Playing at Worship? (Part 2)

Message 10/12/08 AM John Zeigler

Are We Playing at Worship? (Part 1)

Message 10/5/08 PM John Zeigler

Seven Golden Pipes

Message 10/5/08 AM John Zeigler

What Is God Doing When You’re in a Bind?

Message 9/28/08 AM John Zeigler

For Me to Live Is Christ

Message 9/21/08 PM Travis Johnson

Be Faithful

Message 9/21/08 AM

You Can’t Follow Me Home

Message 9/20/08 Travis Johnson

The Teaching Grace of God

Message 9/19/08 Travis Johnson

Guidelines for Sexual Purity

Message 9/18/08 Travis Johnson

What Kind of Religion Do You Have?

Message 9/16/08 Travis Johnson

Psalm 73

Message 9/14/08 John Zeigler

When Jesus Passes By

Message 9/7/08 PM John Zeigler


Missionary Service 8/31/08 PM

Steve Sturtevant – Arms Around the World

Message 8/31/08 AM John Zeigler

The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Message 8/24/08 PM

Looking for the Groom

Message 8/24/08 AM John Zeigler

Love the Test of Sonship

Missionary Service 8/20/08

Emily and Jeanneatte Trip Reports

Message 8/17/08 PM John Zeigler

The Church: Part 5

Message 8/17/08 AM John Zeigler

The Conscience

Message 8/10/08 AM John Zeigler

The Subtlety of Satan

Message 8/3/08 PM John Zeigler

The Church: Part 4

Message 8/3/08 AM

The Price of Fellowship

Message 7/27/08 PM Bro. Leach

Spiritual Health

Message 7/27/08 AM Bob Leach

A Lively Hope

Message 7/20/08 PM

The Church: Part 3

Message 7/13/08 PM John Zeigler

The Church: Part 2

Message 7/13/08 AM John Zeigler

The Popsicle

Message 7/6/08 PM John Zeigler

The Church: Part 1

Message 7/6/08 AM John Zeigler

Neither Give Place to the Devil

Message 6/29/08 PM Richard Heatwole

When God Makes a Promise, It’s a Promise

Message 6/22/08 PM

God’s Favor to Daniel

Message 6/22/08 AM John Zeigler

Nearly Saved

Message 6/15/08 PM Keith Gibson

The Widow’s Oil

Message 6/8/08 PM John Zeigler

Be a Preservative

Message 6/8/08 AM John Zeigler

I’m Not So Bad

Message 6/1/08 PM John Zeigler

A Holy People

Message 5/25/08 PM John Zeigler

Grow in Grace

Revival Message 5/18/08 PM

Crossing the Deadline

Revival Message 5/18/08 AM Earl Newton


Revival Message 5/17/08

Judgment Day

Revival Message 5/16/08 Earl Newton

If Ye Continue

Revival Message 5/14/08 Earl Newton


Revival Message 5/13/08 Earl Newton

We Need Each Other

Revival Message 5/12/08 Earl Newton


Revival Message 5/11/08 PM Earl Newton

What About the Men?

Revival Message 5/11/08 AM Earl Newton

A Word to the Ladies

Revival Message 5/10/08 PM Earl Newton


Revival Message 5/9/08 Earl Newton

Requirements for Revival

Message 5/4/08 PM John Zeigler

Break Up Your Fallow Ground

Message 5/4/08 AM John Zeigler

Little Things

Message 4/27/08 AM John Zeigler

Knowing Christ

Message 4/20/08 AM John Zeigler


Message 4/13/08 PM John Zeigler


Message 4/13/08 AM John Zeigler

The Incessancy of Christ

Message 3/23/08 PM John Zeigler

The Hedge that Job Built

Message 3/23/08 AM John Zeigler

The Cross – Then What?

Message 3/9/08 PM John Zeigler

Don’t Let Defeat Destroy You

Message 3/9/08 AM John Zeigler

God Thinks About Me

Message 3/2/08 PM John Zeigler

Spiritual Apathy

Message 3/2/08 AM John Zeigler

Spiritual Success

Message 2/24/08 PM John Zeigler

The Good Soil

Message 2/24/08 AM John Zeigler

Stewardship and Trust

Message 2/17/08 PM John Zeigler

The Thorny Soil

Message 2/10/08 PM John Zeigler

The Stony Soil

Message 2/10/08 AM Robert Leach

Isaiah’s Encounter with the Lord

Message 2/10/08 AM John Zeigler

The Four Soils

Message 1/27/08 AM John Zeigler

Moping Eagle Support Team

Message 1/20/08 PM John Zeigler

Sowing the Seed

Message 1/20/08 AM John Zeigler

What Damned Dives?

Message 1/13/08 AM John Zeigler

Are You a Professional Christian?

Message 1/6/08 PM John Zeigler

What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?