Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus

Last night’s prayer meeting was led by Gerald. He did a great job! He read from Luke 14 about Jesus walking on the water. One thing he mentioned that I’d never really thought of was that so often when we read that story, we focus on Peter’s failure of faith–he looked at the wind and the waves and got his eyes off Jesus and then began to sink. Gerald pointed out that yes, that was a failure on Peter’s part, but in this story there was a far bigger failure even than that–the failure of the other disciples to even attempt to walk on the water. Though Peter ultimately failed, at least he tried, and even succeeded for a while to walk on water–something that none of the other eleven did. The takeaway: Attempt great things for God. If you ultimately fail, that’s still better than never having tried! And you don’t need to fail if you keep your eyes on Jesus. Get out of the boat. Leave your comfort zone. Do something for God that requires you to keep your eyes on Jesus, and as you look to Him, He will be with you in the storms of life.


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