This is a list of special songs at our church, listed in descending order (newest at the top). Click a song title to listen to it.

7/16/17 PM: Under Control – Men’s Quartet
7/16/17 AM: The Battle’s Not Mine – Mary Beth Brett
7/9/17 AM: It’s All Because of God’s Amazing Grace – Warren and Kimberly
7/2/17 PM: I’ve Never Loved Him Better – James, Michelle and Jarilyn
7/2/17 AM: I Will Trust When I Cannot See – John, Leanne and Janae Zeigler
6/25/17 AM: Sheltered in the Arms of God – Terry and Troy
6/18/17 PM: Standing on the Solid Rock – Sanders Family
6/11/17 PM: Hide Thou Me – Adam and Kyndra
6/11/17 AM: His Eye Is on the Sparrow – Amberly Albright
6/4/17 PM: Trading a Cross for a Crown – Jarilyn Gibson
6/4/17 AM: With All the Many Miracles – Troy and Christie
5/28/17 PM: Faithful to the Faith – John and Leanne Zeigler
5/21/17 PM: Hide Thou Me – Warren and Kimberly
5/14/17 PM: O Give Us Homes – Survance Family
5/7/17 PM: It Will Be Worth It All – Men’s Quartet
5/7/17 AM: There’s No One Who Cares Like Jesus – Gibsons
4/30/17 AM: Press Right On – Debra Montgomery
4/23/17 AM: Love Grew Where the Blood Fell – Troy and Christie
4/16/17 AM: Then Came the Morning – Warren and Loren
4/9/17 AM: When He Was on the Cross – Terry and Troy
4/2/17 PM: Thank You, Lord – Ladies’ Quartet
4/2/17 AM: I Can Trust Jesus – Warren and Kimberly
3/26/17 PM: That’s the Place I’m Longing to Go – Copelands
3/26/17 PM: After All – Copelands
3/26/17 AM: We Have Come to Seek Your Face – Copelands
3/25/17 PM: I’m Not Alone – Copelands
3/25/17 PM: Jesus Is Still the Answer – Copelands
3/24/17 PM: It’s Called Love – Copelands
3/24/17 PM: I Still Believe in Miracles – Copelands
3/23/17 PM: All For His Glory – Copelands
3/23/17 PM: In the Shelter of His Arms – Copelands
3/22/17 PM: There Is a Haven – Copelands
3/22/17 PM: He’s in the Midst – Copelands
3/21/17 PM: Move Upon Our Hearts Lord – Copelands
3/19/17 PM: Since Jesus Passed By – Men’s Quartet
3/12/17 PM: God Is Faithful – Rhoda Webb
3/12/17 AM: He’ll Be There – James, Michelle and Jaralyn
3/5/17 PM: I Know a Man Who Can – Ladies’ Ensemble
2/26/17 PM: I’m Satisfied – Mixed Quartet
2/19/17 PM: God on the Mountain – Young People’s Choir
2/12/17 PM: Even in the Valley, God Is Good – Men’s Quartet
2/5/17 AM: In the Garden – Mary Beth and Katie
1/22/17 PM: It Is No Secret What God Can Do – Terry and Troy
1/15/17 AM: Christ Is Not a Disappointment – Troy and Christie
1/8/17 PM: I Have Been Redeemed – SurVance Family
1/8/17 AM: So Many Reasons – James, Michelle and Jaralyn
1/1/17 PM: Oh How He Loves/Redeeming Love – Ben and Emily
1/1/17 AM: I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is – Katie Brett
12/25/16 AM: Hope Has Hands – Janae and Caleb
12/11/16 PM: He’s Still the King of Kings – Adult Choir
11/27/16 PM: Feeling at Home in the Presence of Jesus – Male Quartet
11/27/16 AM: When God Hides His Face – Janae, Caleb and Katrina
11/20/16 PM: Thank You, Lord, For Your Blessings on Me – Mixed Quartet
11/20/16 AM: We Are So Blessed – Karen and Jaralyn
11/13/16 PM: Without Him – Warren and Kimberly
11/13/16 AM: I Met the Master – Adam and Kyndra
11/6/16 PM: A Name I Highly Treasure – Montgomery Clan
10/30/16 AM: Just Wait’ll You See My Brand New Home – Terry and Troy
10/23/16 AM: Into His Presence – James, Michelle and Jaralyn
10/16/16 AM: Too Much to Win to Lose – Angela SurVance
10/9/16 PM: He’ll Be to You – Ben and Emily
10/9/16 PM: The Changing Blood – John, Leanne and Janae Zeigler
10/2/16 PM: In Times Like These – Kyndra Sickler
9/18/16 PM: Thank God I Am Free – Maloyeds
9/18/16 AM: Jesus Is Still the Answer – Maloyeds
9/17/16 PM: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away – Matt Maloyed
9/16/16 PM: I Owe it All to Thee – Maloyeds
9/15/16 PM: He Came to Me – Matt Maloyed
9/14/16 PM: Jesus Signed My Pardon – Maloyed Family
9/13/16 PM: Saved By Grace – Maloyed Family
9/4/16 AM: His Eye Is on the Sparrow – Terry and Troy
8/28/16 AM: A Mother’s Prayer – Angela SurVance
8/21/16 PM: Who Am I? – Debra Montgomery
8/21/16 AM: It’s Still Real Today – Troy and Christie Thomas
8/14/16 PM: God on the Mountain – Terry and Troy
8/7/16 AM: I Will Trust When I Cannot See – John and Janae Zeigler
7/24/16 AM: God Is in the Shadows – Katy Brett
7/17/16 PM: Heaven Can’t Be Far Away – The Cassadys
7/17/16 PM: I Want to Go There – The Cassadys
7/17/16 AM: The Love of God – Ellen Hampton
7/3/16 PM: Statue of Liberty – Ronnie, Eloise and Carla
7/3/16 AM: Jesus Is Walking With Me – Ben and Emily Stainbrook
6/26/16 PM: I Want a Principle Within – Ken and Diana White
6/26/16 AM: Show Me the Cross and I’ll Find My Way Home – Terry and Troy
6/19/16 PM: We Have a Heavenly Father – Survance Ensemble
6/19/16 AM: It Took a Miracle – James, Michelle, and Jaralyn
6/12/16 PM: How Deep the Father’s Love For Us – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
6/12/16 AM: Christ Is Not a Disappointment – Troy and Christie Thomas
5/29/16 AM: So Send I You – John and Leanne Zeigler
5/22/16 PM: Somebody Touched Me – Men’s Quartet
5/22/16 AM: We’re Building Temples – Angela Survance
5/15/16 PM: Fill My Cup, Lord – Debra Montgomery
5/15/16 AM: What a Precious Friend Is He – Terry and Troy
5/8/16 PM: Jesus Saves – Eloise and Carla
5/8/16 AM: God Made Mothers Special – Jonathan and Janae
5/1/16 PM: We’ve Come to Praise the Lord – Brett Children
5/1/16 AM: Jesus, I Believe What You Said – Albright Trio
4/24/16 PM: The King and I – James, Karen, and Jaralyn
4/24/16 AM: Be Still My Soul – Kyndra Sickler
4/17/16 AM: I Choose to Trust – Troy and Christie Thomas
4/10/16 PM: He’ll Be to You What You Need Him to Be – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/10/16 AM: Christ Is Not a Disappointment – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/9/16 PM: I Will Trust When I Cannot See – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/9/16 PM: I Don’t Need to Understand – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/8/16 PM: I’m Too Near to Turn Back – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/8/16 PM: I Know I Am the Lord’s – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/7/16 PM: I’d Do it All Over Again – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/7/16 PM: His Grace Is Sufficient for Me – Stetler Zeigler Quartet
4/6/16 PM: Submission – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/6/16 PM: Prayer Is the Key to Heaven – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/5/16 PM: Since Jesus Passed By – Darrell and Regina Stetler
4/3/16 PM: It’s Still the Blood – Men’s Quartet
4/3/16 AM: The Greatest of All Miracles – Angela SurVance
3/27/16 PM: Precious Blood – Kyndra and Janae
3/27/16 AM: Gone – Weisbach Church Choir
3/27/16 AM: Precious Lamb of Glory – Weisbach Church Choir
3/13/16 PM: Someone to Care – Terry Tichenor
3/13/16 AM: When He Saved Me – Zeigler Kids
3/6/16 PM: The Love of God – Men’s Ensemble
3/6/16 AM: He Loves Me – Troy and Christie
2/28/16 PM: I Can Trust Jesus – Adam and Kyndra
2/28/16 AM: Thank God I Am Free – Mixed Quartet
2/21/16 PM: He’s Ever Interceding – Angela SurVance
2/21/16 AM: Consider the Lillies – Eloise and Carla
2/14/16 PM: He’s the One – Karen and Jaralyn
2/14/16 AM: Tears Are a Language God Understands – Terry Tichenor
2/7/16 PM: It’s My Desire – Men’s Quartet
2/7/16 AM: Were It Not For Grace – Troy and Christie Thomas
1/31/16 AM: I Know He Heard My Prayer – Warren, Kimberly and Amberly
1/24/16 PM: For the Life of Me – Caleb Zeigler
1/24/16 AM: I’d Rather Have Jesus – Ben and Angela
1/17/16 PM: God on the Mountain – Ladies Ensemble
1/3/16 PM: Had It Not Been – Mixed Trio
1/3/16 AM: Gentle Shepherd – Tim Lanigan
12/27/15 PM: I Then Shall Live – Warren and Amberly
12/27/15 AM: Till the Storm Passes By – Terry Tichenor
12/13/15 PM: What Child Is This?/O Holy Night – Terry and Troy
12/13/15 AM: The Greatest Gift Is Jesus – James, Michelle & Jaralyn
12/6/15 PM: How Big Is God – Male Quartet
12/6/15 AM: It’s Still the Greatest Story Ever Told – Debra Montgomery
11/15/15 PM: Oh What a Wonder – Male Quartet
11/8/15 PM: We Are So Blessed – SurVance Ensemble
11/8/15 AM: Find Us Faithful – Troy & Christie
11/1/15 PM: Thank You Prayer – Katie Brett
11/1/15 AM: Each Step I Take – Terry and Troy
10/25/15 PM: Just a Closer Walk With Thee – Ladies Ensemble
10/25/15 AM: My Heart Is Stirred – Leanne & Caleb Zeigler
10/18/15 PM: One More Valley, One More Hill – Albright Trio
10/18/15 AM: That Beautiful Name – Ken White
10/11/15 PM: Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet – Men’s Quartet
10/11/15 AM: I’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back – James, Michelle and Jaralyn
10/2/15 PM: All Because of God’s Amazing Grace – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
10/1/15 PM: The Longer I Serve Him – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
10/1/15 PM: The Blood Hasn’t Ever Changed – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
9/30/15 PM: I Want My Life to Count for Jesus – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
9/30/15 PM: Day By Day – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
9/29/15 PM: Be Thou My Vision – Tim Lanigan
9/29/15 PM: Freely, Freely Give – Tim and Kyla Lanigan
9/27/15 AM: The Power of the Cross – Adam & Kyndra Sickler
9/20/15 PM: The Love of God – Mixed Trio
9/20/15 AM: Whatsoever Things Are Lovely – Rhoda Webb
9/13/15 PM: What a Lovely Name – Mens Quartet
9/13/15 AM: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away – Jonathan and Amberly
9/6/15 PM: Fill My Cup, Lord – Terry Tichenor
9/6/15 AM: I Believe in Miracles – Angela SurVance
8/30/15 AM: I’m Free – Mens Quartet
8/23/15 PM: Hide Thou Me – Mens Quartet
8/23/15 AM: You’re Still Lord – Debra Montgomery
8/16/15 PM: His Grace Is Sufficient for Me – James, Michelle and Jaralyn
8/16/15 PM: Jesus and Me – Male Quartet
8/16/15 AM: We’re Building Temples – Troy, Christie, Adam & Kyndra
8/9/15 PM: His Will – Troy and Christie
8/9/15 AM: It Matters to the Master – Tim Lanigan
8/2/15 PM: I Want to Be Like Jesus – Mens Ensemble
8/2/15 AM: I Offer My Life – Kyndra Sickler
7/26/15 PM: I Believe – Quales Family
7/26/15 PM: Jewels – Katie Brett
7/26/15 AM: I Won’t Turn Back – Jennifer Montgomery
7/19/15 PM: Medley – Liberty, Kadence and Maggie Crouse
7/19/15 AM: He Can Move the Highest Mountain – Janae, Jonathan and Caleb Zeigler
7/12/15 PM: To Be Like Jesus – Mary Beth Brett
7/12/15 AM: He’s All I Need – Ben and Emily Stainbrook
7/5/15 PM: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away – Bro. & Sis. Zeigler
7/5/15 AM: Statue of Liberty – Karen and Jaralyn Gibson
6/28/15 PM: America the Beautiful – SurVance Ensemble
6/28/15 AM: Wait’ll You See My Heavenly Home – Terry and Troy
6/21/15 PM: Jesus Saves – Emily, Farrah and Hailey
6/21/15 AM: I Was the Reason – Carla Haycox
6/14/15 PM: Feeling Mighty Fine – Young Men’s Trio
6/14/15 AM: The King Is Coming – Adam and Kyndra
6/7/15 AM: Somebody Loves Me – Zeigler Family
5/31/15 AM: I’ve Won – Angela SurVance
5/24/15 PM: Every Need Supplied – Sis. Zeigler and Angela S.
5/24/15 AM: Rejoice in the Lord – Jonathan and Amberly
5/17/15 PM: Standing on the Solid Rock – Adult Choir
5/17/15 AM: Shepherd Boy – Thomas Family
5/10/15 PM: God on the Mountain – Terry and Troy
5/3/15 PM: Springs of Living Water – Ladies Ensemble
5/3/15 AM: O For a Thousand Tongues – Carla Haycox
4/26/15 PM: Thank You Prayer – Katie Brett
4/26/15 AM: More Than Wonderful – Adam and Kyndra Sickler
4/19/15 PM: Where Could I Go? – Ken and Diana
4/19/15 AM: Keep Me Safe ‘Til the Storm Passes By – Terry Tichenor
4/12/15 PM: God Wants to Hear You Sing – Jonathan and Caleb
4/12/15 AM: You Are My All in All – Debra Montgomery
4/5/15 PM: I Claim the Blood – Male Quartet
3/29/15 PM: Lay Them Down and Leave Them – Tim and Kyla
3/29/15 AM: If You Knew Him – Warren, Kimberly & Amberly
3/22/15 PM: You’re Too Near the Crown to Lay Down the Cross – Mitchells
3/22/15 PM: We’re Not Home Yet Children – Mitchells
3/21/15 PM: The Next Hand You Shake – Mitchells
3/21/15 PM: I Found Jesus – Mitchells
3/20/15 PM: You’re Still Lord – Mitchells
3/20/15 PM: His Grace Is Sufficient For Me – Mitchells
3/19/15 PM: The Changing Blood – Mitchells
3/19/15 PM: The Pirate Song – Mitchells
3/19/15 PM: I’d Do It All Over again – Mitchells
3/18/15 PM: The Vegetable Song – Mitchells
3/18/15 PM: There’s No One Who Cares Like Jesus – Mitchells
3/17/15 PM: All Things Work Together for Good – Mitchells
3/15/15 AM: Even in the Valley, God Is Good
3/8/15 PM: Let Me Touch Him
3/8/15 AM: Until You’ve Known the Love of God
3/1/15 PM: I Surrender All
3/1/15 AM: Now I Belong to Him
2/22/15 PM: Unworthy – Choir
2/22/15 AM: Because He Lives – Terry Tichenor
2/15/15 PM: I Want a Principle Within – John & Leanne Zeigler
2/15/15 AM: You’re Still Lord – Christie Thomas
2/8/15 PM: It’s Different Now – Male Quartet
2/8/15 AM: Fear Not Tomorrow – Amberly Albright
2/1/15 PM: Nobody But My Lord – Mary Beth & Katie
2/1/15 AM: Day by Day – Ken & Diana
1/25/15 PM: Touching Jesus Is All that Matters – Ladies Trio
1/25/15 AM: The Blood of Jesus – Eloise & Carla
1/18/15 PM: Till the Storm Passes By – Gibsons
1/11/15 PM: Somebody Loves me – Men’s Quartet
1/11/15 AM: Then He Comes – Jennifer Montgomery
1/4/15 PM: I’m Redeemed – SurVance Family
1/4/15 AM: Use Us, Jesus – Tim and Kyla

You can find songs from previous years on our Songs Archive page.


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